Laeonie Ferguson: Director, Lotus Soul Yoga and Owner/Artist, Empress Jewellery

Laeonie provides expert and inspirational instruction in yoga practice in the Greater Edmonton area. She inspires people of all ages to Breathe, to Practice, to Meditate. She inspires people to be healthy, active, peaceful and centered. She encourages new instructors as she builds an active and vibrant yoga community in Edmonton and St. Albert.

At Lotus Soul Yoga, Laeonie provides instructors with excellent training, and pairs this with simple store fronts. The fact that she is an extremely personable Director makes this a very welcoming business that makes customers want to bring their family and friends.

Laeonieā€™s entrepreneurial endeavours have spread into workshops, weekends, classes at dawn, in the afternoon or evening, on Whyte Avenue, in Little Italy and even in St. Albert. PLaeonie seems able to attract people from a wide variety of walks of life. This all seems to work because of the flexible scheduling and the professionally trained instructors.



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