Laila Steen: from Edmonton to Norway with design

Laila Steen, originally from Norway, is the Director of The Student Design Association on campus and is an award winning designer. She won best student design at the IDS 2012 show in Toronto, and she has led groups of twenty or more from the U of A to Toronto in this role. She is frequently featured in the news, whether in the Ualberta Daily News or even the Edmonton Journal. She is currently in her final year of design, where she has been doing a practicum at the misericoria hospital designing prosthetic body parts and moulds.

Perhaps Laila’s biggest contribution could be viewed as bringing the design program at the University of Alberta national attention by organizing notable design shows in the City of Edmonton. She has been working tirelessly with local businesses like Startup Edmonton and the university to bring design to the people of Edmonton, all while finding time to participate in charitable events such as designing collection items for the Food Bank. In turn, her efforts have united students and professors from the two branches of the design department: visual communication design and industrial design.

A tremendously talented designer with an ability to inspire and coordinate her peers, Laila has in a short time made a significant and lasting contribution to the art community at both the Edmonton, provincial and national levels. One of the most respected students in the Fine Arts Building, the University of Alberta is fortunate to benefit, every day of the week, from Laila’s talents.

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  • Rinde

    I am a design student from the U of A and Have worked with Laila and benefited from her work in Edmonton. She is an incredibly hard worker and has done so much for design in Edmonton and creating opportunists design students at the University. I’m happy to see that she is being recognized for it, It is well deserved. Great post.