And #YEG Said Let There Be GLAM!

by Aimee Parker and Gretzie Parth

Empowering women through the power of makeup has been Glam Artistry’s mission since offering their inaugural Glam Class in 2016. After working as makeup artists for numerous years, co-owners Aimee Parker and Gretzie Parth wanted to answer the question clients most commonly ask: “How am I ever going to recreate this beautiful makeup on myself?”. With the overwhelming amount of beauty tips and makeup tutorials women are exposed to, Glam’s duo saw a need to respond to the frustration felt by so many women when trying to “keep up” with beauty trends.

Although there are many beauty platforms offering a trove of makeup information, Glam Artistry fills the gap that exists when women seek makeup help or inspiration online: the  lack of a customized, hands on learning experience. Through the Glam Class, women are able to ask questions, seek personalized help, and receive the products required to complete featured makeup looks. Classes cater to women of all ages and comfort levels, with classes ranging from makeup basics to ‘Key Look’ classes for New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day. By offering intimate, hands-on classes, Glam Artistry makes the growing beauty industry less intimidating, building women’s confidence in their skills and makeup knowledge.

Glam Artistry ensures students are set for success by sending all class attendees home with a glam bag full of products to recreate featured looks. Creating a complete experience by providing attendees with education and the correct tools and products is what makes stand out from the competition. Parker and Parth prioritize supporting the local community when sourcing products for their classes. Accordingly, they have built partnerships with businesses that have wellbeing objectives similar to their own. Numerous local businesses ranging from Pura Botanicals to External Affairs have partnered with the Glam Class to bring the best in local products to attendees. With so many beauty products available in big box stores, Glam’s duo feels it is imperative to bring awareness to those in our own backyard that have been formulated with love and care. Parker and Parth attribute the growing popularity of the Glam Class to the overwhelming support of the local business community in Alberta, and look forward to connecting with more inspiring and passionate business owners as they continue to grow the Glam Class.

Growing from childhood friends to business partners,Parker and Parth started Glam Artistry out of a shared passion for makeup and a desire to share a decade’s worth of makeup secrets with others. Aimee Parker grew up with a immense love for makeup, and decided to pursue a makeup diploma from Eveline Charles Academy while taking a year off from post secondary education. She has since worked for some of the largest beauty companies in the industry, all while building her freelance career. Gretzie Parth was introduced to the makeup industry by Aimee, who encouraged her to take a makeup course to fulfill a job opportunity. Upon completion, Gretzie quickly found a passion in makeup artistry and started to develop a clientele. Since then, Gretzie has created her own lash line called G Class Lashes, and has completed training with celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. In addition to operating the Glam Class, Glam’s duo keeps busy beautifying brides throughout Alberta, all while completing their MBA and business degrees at the University of Alberta. A passion for beauty and a love for working with so many wonderful women is what keeps these two inspired as they look to expand their local beauty business nationally.

Photography by Tasy B photography

Video by Shae from Orange Fountain Films

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