Let your eyes and mind Wander… | By Antony Ta



You’ll notice that photography doesn’t have its own section at the Wanderer, even though photo is one of the main pillars of our visuals interface, along with illustration, video and other multimedia. Photography doesn’t really need a section of its own, because our visuals already draw life from, and colour our interactions with, every aspect of the stories we tell, the opinions we speak and the experiences we share.

It’s an exciting time to be an Edmontonian in Edmonton. The city is alive and energy is everywhere. As a publication that aims to represent the local student and young professional demographic (Generation Y, here’s lookin’ at you, kid!), the Wanderer will aim to chronicle the anecdotes and opinions of this – our dynamic generation, by pairing vibrant visuals with the written word.

The mosaic of new construction brings fresh views to our downtown and local businesses to our neighbourhoods. The diversity of people who come to our city from across Canada and across the globe to study, to work and to live, bring culture and new ideas to broaden our perspectives. My main goal for 2014-15 is to help immerse the Wanderer in this wonderful mosaic. The visual experience should, and will, embrace the many faces of the ever-changing Edmonton experience.


The purpose of art is to impart the sensation of things as they are perceived and not as they are known. The technique of art is to make objects unfamiliar.

– Viktor Shklovsky


“Defamiliarization” was a term created by poet Viktor Shklovsky to describe how poetry is distinguished from other forms of writing. Adopting Shklovsky’s views on writing, I have challenged myself and the rest of the visual team as well as our Wanderful volunteers to apply this technique to our visuals and this includes our photography: to seek the unfamiliar in the familiar – to find new perspectives and ways of seeing things or sharing things which are seemingly ordinary, at first glance. It is the task of the photographer, illustrator or designer to defamiliarize viewers from their everyday subjects – and maybe, in Wandering with us, experience their immediate and familiar environments in new and exciting ways.

This is your 2014-15 Wanderer Photography: welcome, and let your eyes and mind Wander!

Banner photograph by Wanderer Online Photography Editor Antony Ta

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