Life, Liberty, and Dewey’s Breakfast at 11:01 am | By Dongwoo Kim

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I crave it at 6:51 am, 12:17 pm, 11:59 pm and every minute in between. In my ideal world, every meal would be a breakfast. I would pass on any meal of the day for an excellent omelette and a bowl of hashbrowns accompanied by a cup of freshly squeezed OJ (or dark coffee with no cream, no sugar, depending on the mood). When I have breakfasts, I regain faith in humanity and start believing in Utopia. That, is how much I love breakfasts.

See, it’s easier to show up at High Level Diner or Sugarbowl around 11 am and relish some cinnamon buns or huevos rancheros during summer when there’s no 9 am lecture or work to attend. However, when school hits, it’s a bit more difficult to do that due to time constraint and logistics.

Hence, Dewey’s is the natural destination for breakfast enthusiasts on the U of A campus. You can find (kind of) affordable and tasty meals there. But the best thing about Dewey’s is its location. Just a few minutes walk from Tory, Rutherford, and SUB, Dewey’s has been an ideal breakfast destination for U of A students in every faculty for years. However, there was one big flaw: it stopped serving breakfast past 11. Last semester, I would run from my class and try to get some tasty SU Burrito or the classic Dewey’s Breakfast, and the cashier would bring down my world by saying something as depressing as two-continuous viewings of Requiem for a Dream: “Sorry, we stop serving breakfast before 11.”


But things came around this year. How? Democracy. No, not America. DEMOCRACY.

Let us go back to late February of this year, when the campaigns for the SU Executive elections were taking place. My political science professor said that today Tea Partiers do a better job than Occupiers, because while the latter yell “fuck da police” and just protest, the former organize an effective lobby group to change the political tide in the Congress. Similarly, there were many men and women on the U of A campus disgruntled with the short breakfast hours at Dewey’s, but they (including myself) did not do much politically.

However, there was an effective organizer who knew the power of lobbying and the perfect timing for it. On February 29, a brave man with the name of Patrick Rippon organized a Facebook group “Lobby to have the Dewey’s Breakfast Hours Extended.” This is the description of the Facebook group that still remains to this day:

This group consists of voters who only care about one issue when it comes to the VPOF position: extending Dewey’s breakfast hours.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many students skip breakfast because their classes start at 9:30 (T/Th) or 10:00 (MWF). This means they get out at 11:00 and are hungry for some breakfast. Unfortunately, Dewey’s closes its breakfast at 10:50, which means these students can’t enjoy eggs or bacon or French toast or other such deliciousness. END THE INJUSTICE! EXTEND BREAKFAST BY AT LEAST 30 MINS!!

This got the attention of Cheema, who was then running for a re-election. He commented on Rippon’s post:

And the miracle happened, because we got more than extended breakfast hours.

Andy Cheema was re-elected as the VPOF for 2012-2013 term. And on September 7, 2012, he tweeted the best news of the year (because nothing will top this) and possibly the most glorious tweet in the Students’ Union’s 103 years of history:

And today (September 17),  I went to Dewey’s for the first time in a few months to get my SU Burrito, hashbrowns, and a perfectly toasted French toast–at 11:00 AM. I smiled as I exercised my inalienable right as a U of A student to enjoy Dewey’s breakfast at any time of the day and devoured my burrito.

Here’s a lesson to take away folks. While democracy on a larger scale may not be as effective as we wish it would be, activism and lobbying on a local scale could bring big changes, like all-day breakfast at Dewey’s. Got problems? Lobby your local governments. I’m leaving you with some food porn. Ciao.

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What are your thoughts on the Dewey’s All-Day Breakfast? Any favourite dish there? Share them below!

Dongwoo Kim is a fourth year student studying Political Science and History. He has fat sausage fingers and oftentimes mistypes words on his phone. Dongwoo enjoys interesting conversations and big breakfasts. You can tweet or e-mail him to get in touch; he likes talking to people. 

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  • Andrew

    I came, I saw, I….ATE BREAKFAST!

  • Rebecca

    I checked Dewey’s menu this morning and it says breakfast is still unti 11 am….