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Over the next week, The Wanderer writers will be providing their take on the major issues that shaped Edmonton and the University of Alberta in 2012. Both on campus and in the city as a whole, 2012 has brought many unexpected stories. At the University of Alberta, the Nestle issue hit campus during the first half of the year, with an honorary degree provided to Peter Brabeck-Lamathe. Not surprisingly, the University of Alberta Senate’s decision led to vigorous opposition from many students and faculty. Within the same general time frame, the Students’ Union engaged in a public debate at the Board of Governors regarding Mandatory Non-Instructional Fees, which have increased considerably over the last decade as an alternative form of tuition. Additionally, the SU Executive Elections proved to be well-contested, a stark contrast from the previous year.

Of course, the Edmonton Arena debate was controversial in 2012, and it still lingers today. City Council’s decision to forego discussions (and then reopen them) with Edmonton Oilers owner and Rexall tycoon Daryl Katz has provided plenty of writing material for the Edmonton Journal. In terms of education, the no-zero policy at Ross Sheppard High School attracted considerable attention, concluding only recently. The NHL Lockout has dampened much of the sports enthusiasm in Edmonton, though the remarkable Oil Kings run to the Memorial Cup stands out as one of the sporting highlights of the year for the City of Champions. Finally, the Lister Hall Residence issue serves as one of the summer’s most important debates, with discussions still taking place today.

Indeed, 2012 has been a hectic year. Stay tuned to The Wanderer for additional stories over the next week.

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