Lori Krause: General Manager, Edmonton Sport and Social Club

Lori grew up on a farm just outside of New Norway, a village near Camrose. Throughout her childhood, she was taught the values of hard work and perseverance and carries those beliefs as an adult. Lori moved to Edmonton in 2002 to go to post-secondary school and has been here ever since. In 2004, when she was 22 years old, Lori took advantage of an opportunity that had a huge impact on her career and life. The Director of the Calgary Sport and Social Club (CSSC) was looking for someone to help expand into Edmonton. Lori seized the opportunity and the Edmonton Sport and Social Club (ESSC) was born.

The ESSC runs co-ed sports leagues, tournaments, and parties for adults throughout Edmonton. The Club takes immense pride in providing the best possible experience for their players and providing an outlet for adults to play sports, stay active, spend time with their friends and meet new people.  Lori’s original plan was for the ESSC to be a part-time and temporary undertaking. Her first employee worked off of the kitchen chair in her apartment, but The Club quickly grew from having 36 teams in the first season to over 4,000 teams (40,000 Edmontonians!) in 2012. Lori is now the GM of both the Edmonton and Calgary Clubs. In each city, there are 11 full-time employees, over 50 part-time employees and 100 volunteers. Lori is incredibly proud of the impact The Club and her staff have had on Edmonton.



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