Lougheed’s Legacy | By Navneet Khinda

Reading through archives of articles written decades ago is absolutely fascinating, especially when those articles I’m reading are from a publication still in existence today. I spent some time this morning scanning through pieces from our official school newspaper, The Gateway, from 1948 to 1952.

Just a quick enter of “Lougheed” into the search field, and I was presented with dozens upon dozens of articles not only written by him, but referencing his name or his achievements.

Former Premier Lougheed’s accomplishments have been highlighted and discussed the last six days, yet I personally feel that we as students have not adequately recognized this man’s legacy.

Lougheed ran for a number of positions on student committees, he played Varsity football (and later for the Eskimos as well), he was appointed the Public Relations Officer of the Students’ Union when he was a first year law student in 1950, he became the Secretary of the Students’ Council in 1951, and then was elected to the position of President of our Students’ Union.

Furthermore, he was an avid contributor to The Gateway, or as one of his colleagues said, he was a member of the “vaunted fraternity of sports writers.”

Roughly 60 years ago, he was making an impact on his community, which at that time largely consisted of the University of Alberta. That kind of active involvement clearly bettered his experience here, and I can only hope that it inspires other students to strive for the same, for he has surely inspired me.

Navneet is really enjoying her classes so far, though she could do without the massive piles of readings. Nevertheless, political philosophy is inspiring her to get creative with future articles, so stay tuned! 

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