Make Something Edmonton Mondays (June 17): Top 30 Most Interesting, Makescape YEG

The Wanderer Online’s fifth value is as follows: “We write with an understanding that Edmonton is evolving at a remarkable pace, and that we help document this transformation.” With this in mind, we are opening a new weekly featured, called “Make Something Edmonton Mondays.” In these Monday updates, we share with our readers the progress made on a handful of MSE projects. 

Makescape YEG: June 13-14 is DONE!

Just as Pecha Kucha 16 took place at Edmonton’s Citadel Theatre, M.A.D.E. in Edmonton’s Makescape YEG launched on the north side of the Stanley A. Milner Library. Led by Greg Whistance-Smith, Lisa Baroldi and several other local leaders, Makescape YEG revitalized a rather empty portion of Edmonton’s downtown. Boring concrete was substituted by wide layers of grass, and bouncy balloons filled much of the empty space across the rectangular landscape. Edmonton’s Rapid Fire Theatre was there as well. Their Make Something Edmonton page is here, and the project is now 100% DONE.



The 30 Most Interesting Edmontonians

In an interesting (pun intended) little project for Make Something Edmonton, Shawn Kanungo and Zeshan Qureshi of PressMoi have selected 30 of the “most interesting Edmontonians,” where they will conduct one-hour “Ask me anything” interviews with each recipient. Several of the names on the list are city councillor and potential mayor candidate, Don Iveson; Omar Mouallem of Edmonton Public Libraries; Brittney Le Blanc of Capital Ideas Edmonton, Josh Le of the University of Alberta Students’ Union and well-known Canadian poet, Mary Pinkoski. The full list is below.

The opening PressMoi interviews take place on June 19 and run until June 23. Make sure you whip our your cells and ask away, come June 19.


The 30 Most Interesting Edmontonians

The PressMoi founders, Zeshan and Shawn, are here:


For more information about outstanding projects, such as the Rooftop Parkade Patio, Stand Up For Edmonton, and Edmonton Public Library’s Next 100 Years, go here.

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  • Don Eglinski

    The list seems focused on celebrity. I am sure they are all interesting in their own right, but “Most Interesting” doesn’t seem to include many persons contributing to the state of the planet or being involved in any globally relevant cultural pursuits. One of Nine Inch Nails’ live drummers lives and teachers here, members of hacker collectives, esteemed artists, and those involved in various scientific pursuits. I have a problem with back-patting with no criteria by which self-congratulation is warranted.

    • Shawn

      Thanks for the great feedback! We had tons of applications that came through from the community. We are definitely doing this again – there’s way too many interesting people in the City (and outside).

      I think you may be interested in one of our Q&A’s though. We received a number of recommendations for Ricken Patel. He co-founded a group called, Avaaz, which is a 22 Million member global civic organization that promotes activism on issues such as climate change, human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict. It’s the world’s largest and most powerful online activist network.

      Could you provide the contact information for the Nine Inch Nails drummer? He sounds awesome.

      Thanks again Don! Please reach out to me anytime, Shawn (, 780.264.7526.

  • CuriousChika

    There’s definitely some people on that list I’d be interested to learn more about. Are the founders hosting their own?? I’d like to find out their dating status 😉