Make These Three Small Changes to Your Wardrobe and Move Up on the Fashion Scale | By Monika Oliver

Well my friends, Fall is upon is. Time to pack up the daisy dukes, crop tops and flip flops and make room for the cozy knits, wooly mitts and other looser fits. Whether you consider yourself a style nobody or a mister or miss thang, here are three fall trends that look good on everybody. 

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Anyone who knows me knows I tend to take this one a little far but honestly it is some of my best fashion advice.  Whether it’s a chucky necklace, interesting bracelet or practical watch, a neat piece of jewelry on any gal or guy makes you take a second look. Almost every guy can pull off a nice pair of jeans and a classic V but add a yellow gold Michael Kors tick tock and next thing you know the ladies are lining up to get more from you than the time of day (get it?). I can’t tell you how many times my rings or bracelets have become a convo starter. Bottom line, adding an accessory to your fall wardrobe is the quickest way to go from styleless to stylish.

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Berry, maroon, black cherry, whatever you want to call it, it is THE color of the season.  That perfect mix of the sultry red and bad boy black that combines to form the most magical hue that the eye has ever seen. Not only does it work with any skin tone but it also looks good in every application! I just picked up an awesome pair of maroon cropped skinnies and I have a tank, cardigan and a few pairs of high socks in the same color. It really is magical! Scared to step into the world of colored denim? This is the perfect starter color for those who can’t part with their blues.

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I gag a little every time I walk through HUB and I see a handsome fellow donning a crisp pressed suit, who then turns around to reveal the dreaded generic, two-strap backpack. In what world do you look at yourself in that and think “I look like an adult”? Rude remarks aside, this really isn’t okay.  A good satchel (although usually a bit of an investment) is something that should be a staple in any university student’s closet.  Ultimately we hope to leave university with a “good” job and for the most part good jobs require looking… well… good. Personally, I have carried the same satchel everyday for the last three years and although my right shoulder pays a small price around midterm season, I don’t regret it. In fact, I’d go as far as to say I think it even made me a more effective student. Carrying a satchel forces you to only pack what is necessary because, quite frankly, you just don’t have the room to pack anything else. You don’t end up hauling around that Organic chemistry textbook that you know you won’t get to anyway and by the end of the day you leave the library with more confidence, knowing you completed all that you could have with the materials you brought. It’s like a weight being lifted off your shoulders… (Now that was a good one).

What are your thoughts about fall fashion trends? Continue the discussion in the space below!

Cover photograph courtesy of Skye Oleson-Cormack. 

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  • Sam

    Try being in ETLC during interview season…flashy high school grad suit+massive backpack is the norm. Always good for a laugh.

    Excellent article though, it was spot on.

  • Mark

    Seeing these “style” sections posted on a university “newspaper,” is frustrating. Wear what you want, when you want, can we move on? Why is this content being taken seriously.

  • Well, I guess we should just axe GQ, Esquire, Vogue, Code, Sharp, Vanity Fair, The Sartorialist, Campus Sartorialist and every other style-focused magazine out there! No biggie.

  • Mark

    I find it pretty arrogant to compare this article to that of Vogue or other style/fashion magazines. The article written is coming from a place of one’s personal style, which from what I’m gathering has no serious history of fashion or foundation. For instance, to make fun of people who wear knapsacks at a -University- campus, though lighthearted, is pretty weak and is not coming from a place of journalism.

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