Malaika Aleba: writer and advocate

Malaika is a Contributing Editor at the GLAAD-nominated magazine, Autostraddle. She highlights issues of importance to Edmonton’s LGBT community, as well as to wider Edmonton society. For instance, she writes a regular feature, “A Prairie Homo Companion,” which is about gay life in Edmonton. This is especially pertinent because Autostraddle is a popular magazine that is read by people from all over the world. More recently, Malaika completed an article on the #Idle No More movement, a well-written and sharp piece that garnered an important readership.¬†Besides her role at Autostraddle, Malaika is very active in the LGBT community. She took part in Edmonton’s NOH8 march for marriage equality, as well as Chevi Rabbit’s march against bullying. It is baffling to see one person maintain involvement in such a wide range of activities, both locally within Edmonton and even across Canada.

Malaika also campaigns for the environmental movement, and used to be a regular Sierra Club blogger. Indeed, she addressed a large tar sands protest in London, England, put on by the World Development movement. Malaika also published an article on the tar sands in The Ecologist, thus adding to her impressive accomplishments as a writer and advocate. In short, Malaika is a very accomplished person who has given a lot to the community, and to pinpoint a single contribution is difficult. Her tenure as Contributing Editor at Autostraddle is simply impressive, with her words read by many people. By highlighting Edmonton LGBT issues in her articles, she communicates Edmonton to the world, and puts pressure on Edmontonians to become more aware of these issues. A wonderful addition to the Top 100, Malaika never ceases to make a profound difference in her community.

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