Miami’s a Seller; Boston’s Destined for the Cellar | The Wanderer Sports

So the Miami Marlins basically just traded their entire freakin’ team to the Toronto Jays. How the Jays pulled this off is a story in itself, but in the meantime, let’s all laugh at Miami and the horrendous year that was 2012. The team went into the season looking to compete for a World Series, but ended up dealing with a slew of embarrassing moments, from Ozzie Guillen speaking publicly about his support for Fidel Castro, to Hanley Ramirez bolting town and few of the Marlins’ pitchers achieving expectations.

Another team just as inept as the Marlins is the Boston Red Sox. Right now, the Sox have to be thinking, “Fuck THIS.” The only team that sucked as badly as Boston in 2012 was Toronto, and now the Jays have a bunch of pitching, one of the league’s best shortstops and Jose Bautista. With the Orioles and Tampa Bay in the AL East, it looks like the division might see three wildcard reps in 2013, but that’s too much speculation for right now.

In the meantime, everyone point and laugh at Miami for ONCE AGAIN selling all of its players and at John Farrell for leaving Toronto for Boston. Another season of shitty Red Sox baseball is upon us.

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