Mini Blizzard Delays Canada West Soccer Games | The Wanderer Sports

From the morning of November 1 until late in the day, the snow kept falling, falling and falling. The Foote Field crew kept working, working and working, trying to clear the turf for the day’s games between Saskatchewan and Victoria, and Calgary and Trinity Western. But the efforts were to little avail, with the two quarter-finals games being rescheduled for later today. Consequently, the semis, where the Bears play the victor of Calgary and Trinity Western, have been moved to 12:15 pm on Saturday.

It’s still going to be cold for the set of upcoming games; however, the weekend brings some warmer temperatures. If the Foote Field turf-keepers can keep their efforts up over the next 48 hours, we might just see some games played on a ‘normal’ field. That would suck, though, because snow-soccer is so much better.

Stay tuned…

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