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Read below for our list of nine possible names for other Edmonton LRT stations. 

In case you didn’t hear the news, Edmonton City Council voted to add “Fort Edmonton Park” to the name for the South Campus LRT Station. Confused? You should be. Fort Edmonton Park is approximately three kilometres away from South Campus – a 30-minute walk, minimum, according to Councillor Ben Henderson. The justification for the name change is based on a $100 million dollar rebranding campaign launched by Fort Edmonton Park.

Mayor Stephen Mandel was quoted by Elise Stolte in the Edmonton Journal as saying, “We really need to look at how we can promote Fort Edmonton Park.” He then goes on to say, “It’s one of the great gems of our city. It’s one of the places we need to encourage more Edmontonians to visit and by having an LRT station with some advertising and promotions, it’s a win-win.”

However, Jason Maloney, the vice-chair of the Council’s naming committee, states “Adding Fort Edmonton Park to the name would be like calling the NAIT station, NAIT-City Hall.” NAIT and City Hall are three kilometres apart.

When we first read about the news, it provided some much-needed laughter after the first day of university class.    We’ve since put ourselves in the shoes of city councillors and have outlined some possible LRT name changes in other parts of Edmonton. Here we are:

1. Every August, McKernan-Belgravia Station becomes Fringe Festival Station.

2. From March to September (depending on the weather, of course), Grandin Station becomes Victoria Golf Course Station.

3. Clareview Station is now Edmonton Garrison Station.

4. Corona Station becomes St. Albert Station (it’s only 16 kilometres away!). Note that Corona Station could also become Second Cup on 124 Street Station (they just re-opened and are looking for some free marketing).

5. Coliseum Station should really be Carly Rae Jepsen Station – she’s coming to Edmonton for a concert in a few weeks.

6. Every time the Edmonton Eskimos win, Stadium Station becomes the “Eskies Stop” (but only for the following four days; after that, the name reverts to Stadium).

7. Apple’s will soon launch the new iPhone 5. You know what that means. University Station is Apple Station, and a food-truck style Apple Store will be set up underground.

8. From November to December, University Station becomes Aramark Station. Fat Franks hot-dogs are sold around the escalators for just $6.

9. When the Oilers begin to level-out (i.e. lose consistently), every station in Edmonton becomes “Dump [insert head coach’s name] Station.

Keep the discussion going! What are your favourite potential LRT names? 

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  • Dave

    I am fully supportive of renaming Coliseum in honour of CRJ. It has a better ring, anyway.

  • Graeme

    Since we need to use LRT stops to promote our ‘gem’ attractions in the city, Churchill should be renamed Churchill/City Hall/Art Gallery/Citadel/Winspear/Canada Place/Future Royal Alberta Museum Station.

  • Louis McQueen

    Let’s call the University one Indira instead, remind us how much we love the Great Leader who will lead University of Alberta to the be next mini North Korea!

  • Quentin

    Shouldn’t Century Park station be renamed to “Century Park/ Edmonton International Airport Station?” There is a continuous shuttle from there to the airport… (Just saying) I also think that since the airport has just gone through some new rebranding, it should be a higher priority than Fort Edmonton Park.

    Speaking of which, does anyone still go there by the way…?