Mo’ hunting with Goran Miletić, Sydney Rudko and Skye Oleson-Cormack

There is something to be said about the atmosphere November brings. There’s that crisp winter air, the holiday drink selection at your local coffee shop, and walking into any building on campus and thinking you’ve stepped onto the set of Anchorman, or perhaps a 1970’s porno flick depending on the building. Nonetheless, these noble gentlemen adorn themselves in thick lustrous upper-lip fur for a good cause, raising money and awareness for prostate cancer research. Maggie Danko, resident nurse and moustache-fan, discusses the importance of prostate cancer awareness here. Alberta is a leader in Movember donations, racking up a whopping 9 million dollars in donations this past month! Way to go guys! To celebrate and salute our mustached men, The Wanderer went Mo-hunting to capture some of the best staches on campus. We want to give a big thanks to all the guys who let us photograph their amazing lip fur!

For more on Movemeber, check out Maggie Danko’s article on the importance of Movember here.

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  • Quetzala

    This is sexcellent.