Mont Thirty believes that photography in Edmonton can be "****ing fantastic!"

Mont Thirty: Creativity Through the Lens | By Shweat Gherezghier

From a shared passion for photography comes Mont Thirty, an Edmonton-based photography magazine. Its namesake derived from an abbreviated form of “Edmonton” and the 30 photos featured in each issue, Mont Thirty distinguishes itself by providing amateur photographers an opportunity to have their work published for the first time. According to Mont Thirty, no magazine in Edmonton gives artists this kind of opportunity.

Mont Thirty is the conception of creators Dexter Da Silva, Chan Rin, and Redd Angelo. Dexter, while lying awake at four am, recognized the difficulty up-and-coming photographers experience promoting their work. Although the details would come later, Dexter laid the groundwork for a unique publication that assures photographers that their work is assessed equally regardless of their experience.

Mont Thirty Launch Party - LEFT to RIGHT - Dexter DaSilva, Redd Angelo, Chan Rin

Mont Thirty is now published bi-monthly and features 30 of the most aesthetically pleasing and creative photos from Edmonton and surrounding areas. The photos featured in Mont Thirty are unique because of the magazine’s selection process; photos are chosen based on technical merit, impact, and composition rather than the photographer’s experience and credentials. Mont Thirty seeks to end industry trends and is the perfect starting point for young photographers. After viewing some of the work published in Mont Thirty, it’s hard to believe some of the photographers picked up a camera less than a year ago.

While focusing on photography, Mont Thirty also seeks to highlight and acknowledge other forms of art, such as paintings and illustrations. The creators know firsthand the barriers that artists face when starting out, and their hope is that Mont Thirty will provide unknown photographers in Edmonton the opportunity to achieve their first publications and build their portfolios. Photographers themselves, Dexter, Chan, and Redd feel that photography in Edmonton is comparable to a secret society where unless you’re a well-known photographer, the chances of being featured are slim. Although Mont Thirty respects established artists who went to great lengths to build their credentials and gain exposure, they also believe that artistic diversity is stifled when limited publication opportunities are restrained to these established few.


Mont Thirty hopes to tap into a vein of undiscovered talent and extend their publication throughout western Canada and eventually internationally. To the creators and those who contribute photographs, Mont Thirty is more than a magazine – it’s a community. Like any community, its success relies on the support of those within it. By celebrating artists, supporting creativity, and allowing exposure, Mont Thirty is excited to blaze new trails in the photography industry.

All photography courtesy of Wanderer Online photographer Alan Paone.

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