More Students on Campus are Wearing Herschel Backpacks than U of A Clothing | By Emerson Csorba

OK, so the U of A isn’t like an Ivy League school, where every third student is decked out in university apparel or fraternity letters. You might see the odd student wearing a Bears/Pandas hoodie or t-shirt, but it’s more of an exception than the norm. However, one thing you will see is a Herschel backpack. On everyone.

Last year, there weren’t too many students wearing Herschel, but for whatever reason, the backpacks have really taken off. They come in a wide range of colours, they’re simple and they add a nice touch to your outfit. The only drawback is that if you wear one, you look pretty much identical to half of the student population.

CC photograph courtesy of “Kevin_Morris” on Flickr


Back in June, I bought a grey Herschel backpack at Foosh on Whyte, but stopped wearing it after I used it as a supplies kit on a long training run. Due to the stench, it’s been relegated to the soccer and baseball bags area of the house, and I’m not sure whether it’ll soon make a comeback.

And that’s really the question. Do you conform, wearing one of the nicer backpacks on the market, or do you look for the next big thing (which will inevitably catch fire next year)?

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