Morning Run | By Blue Knox

I am not a professional athlete, but at least five days a week I get up at 5:30am, tidy my apartment, do half an hour of yoga, and then I lace up my Mizuno Wave Riders and head out the door for a run. I’m not the best, I’m not the fastest, but I love running like I love this city. The two are mutually exclusive for me; the more I run the trails, sidewalks, and roads of Edmonton, the deeper I fall in love with this city. A few weeks ago, 4km into my run, I was on the North edge of campus along Saskatchewan Drive and everything was so beautifully still the only thing that came to mind that I could possibly compare it to was sleep. It was as though the entire city was sleeping and I was looking at something that wasn’t meant for me.

Morning Run

I love this city in all of her 6am sleeping glory,
I slip out the front door to steal a look at her before the sun is up.
The moon plays hide and seek with me from behind the trees,
And I race the wind to find it.
The sidewalks and roads shimmer with fresh white dust,
And its cold magnificence is breathtaking.
The distance glows with a halo of precipitation,
This dream-like vision of the city is hypnotizing.
I am so small and insignificant and undeserving in this silence,
And it is a feeling I crave.
Now in the shadow of twilight,
This city is like a woman asleep in perfect bliss.
So I wake at 6am so I can inhale her before she wakes
I stay out for as long as she will allow, but I do not belong here.
Winter is not a place for men, it is a place for the trees.
They are brave and they are proud
And they carry the snow with the duty of soldiers, of statues, of Gods.
They watch me silently, protective, guarding their sleeping perfection.
So I keep my head down in respect and trudge on.
By 7 she is awake and the spell is broken as she shakes off the weight of sleep.
But I have seen her secret, her winter royalty,
And I love her in all of her 6am sleeping glory.

Image CC Morpheus_UK

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  • This is awesome. I also run at stupid o’clock in the morning and it has made me fall in love with Edmonton again and again.