Multiplying Equality: Individuals For Change| by Tylar Hamblett

As an Edmonton-based group, Multiplying Equality aims to bring awareness to a variety of issues, but their overarching mission is that they want to connect people to meaningful causes both locally and globally. This month they are gearing up for their first ever Street Store, held in partnership with Boyle Street Community Services. This event allows homeless individuals to have a shopping experience where they can find the clothes that fit them and their needs, and have it wrapped up at the end, free of charge. I recently sat down with Nicholas Yee and Joel Wegner to get the bigger picture about what they are trying to accomplish. Nicholas wants people to become motivated and help in ways that align with their own value.

Nicholas explains that their desire is to make sure that Multiplying Equality is not pigeonholed to one cause; they want to create widespread change. Their website expands on this point:

“With ‘Multiplying Equality’, we intend to take the blessings we have, and to amplify their effects across the world. Over time we will contribute to many charities and causes, organizing our own initiatives along the way, all with the aim of empowering individuals to be part of a movement for change.”

Clothing donations can be dropped off in the Students Union Building at University of Alberta on Friday, October 24, or at the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy through October 24. Donated items may include new or lightly-used winter clothing. Said Yee, “We are hoping to be able to provide needed winter clothing to anyone who comes and is in need. In other words, we are not turning away any donations just because they are for males, women and children”

Beyond providing much needed winter gear to the Edmontian homeless, the event itself hopes to raise awareness of the homeless community and try to change attitudes towards homelessness in Edmonton.

The Street Store will take place this Saturday, October 25th from 1-4PM at Boyle Street Community CentreGuidelines for donating clothing can be found on the Multiplying Equality website. To volunteer for any Multiplying Equality causes, please contact The ME website also carries an online shop, the proceeds of which go to charity.


Banner photo courtesy of Nicholas Yee

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