NBA? More like NCAAB | By Josh Connauton

With the NBA season tipping off about a week ago, I still cannot bring myself to watch it. It is by far the best professional basketball league in the world and has the best talent, yet I despise watching it. The NBA is definitely a joke league in many senses of the word, even more so than the NHL in some ways. Specifically, I can narrow down my dislike of the league to two points: no league parity, and flagrant rule-breaking.

To address the first point, even though I love the Celtics, they began this horrible trend.  Back in 2008 with the signing of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to join Paul Pierce, the so-called “Big Three” was created. The idea of a power trio of an all around point guard, dominant power forward, and a shooting guard was not unheard of, but had not happened for some time in the league. Most importantly, it worked for the Celtics. They won the 2008 NBA championship and made the Finals the following year. Seeing this success, in 2010, the d-bag known formerly as LeBron James decided to phone up Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh and they decided to do the same thing in Miami… Well pretty much the same thing, except James had his own TV special called “The Decision”, dubbing himself a d-dag as well.

After the Heat made the finals in 2011 and won the championship in 2012, the Lakers felt that they needed more talent (even though they won back-to-back championships two years ago). So they sought out Steve Nash and Dwight Howard to join their team. With Rajon Rondo replacing Ray Allen in Boston, these “Big Three” teams are now becoming a trend in which talented players in small markets are leaving in order to play with high-profile players and make more money. This leaves teams like Cleveland, Phoenix, and Toronto without any talent. The sad thing is that the majority of the league is sub-par teams, which leaves no room for league parity.  So, whenever you turn on the TV and you see a Bucks- Bobcats game… just look away. Fox news is more interesting. Seriously.

When you watch the NBA, there is no regard for the rules of the game, nor is there any sense of urgency or evidence of effort for 75% of the games. It is as if you are watching street ball at Ruckers Park in Harlem. NBA players take five huge steps in order to dunk the ball; any sort of “move” or “trick” is met with a travel, double dribble, foul or anything contrary to the rules. Players are selfish, putting their own glory ahead of the team, and no-one seems to care if they are perennial losers and have no chance at winning the NBA Finals because they make money regardless and as long as they can play how they want, who cares?

The NBA, for the majority of the time, is nothing but a bush league where the players rule a league that has no parity. I know this will seem ironic, because the NCAA is the epitome of everything wrong with sport, but NCAA basketball is far more entertaining than the NBA. So much so that, I, along with many other people, will watch it over the NBA any day. The main reason: because they play their a$$e$ off every game, regardless of if they are 25-0 or 0-25. Every game is up in the air and nothing embodies that more than March Madness. For you basketball fans out there, give the NCAA a try. Yes, it is corrupt in many ways, but it produces a great product on TV and the far greater standard of NCAA over the NBA may just leave you stunned.

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