NFL Thursday Night: Week 4 | By Andrew Booth

First question:  how long will the grace period be for the official officials?  I feel it will be at least one or two weeks, the return of Ed Hochuli’s biceps alone will get fans through any bad calls this weekend.  Second question:  is Roger Goodell out to increase the divorce rate in America?  Because now that we have football three nights of the week, I promise you it’s going up.  There’s a dirty little secret about these Thursday night games though:  they kind of suck.  Maybe it’s the short week, but in the last two weeks we’ve had two of the four teams barely show up.  Two weeks ago we witnessed the glorious rise of Smokin’ Jay Cutler (11/27, 1 TD, 4 INTs, 7 sacks) and sulking Cam Newton (16/30, 3 INTs).  But fear not NFL fans, this week the Cleveland Browns are playing!  On the road!  Against one of the most feared defenses of the past decade!  What could possibly go wrong?!

As always, the home team is in caps and betting lines are courtesy of

RAVENS (-11.5) over Browns

How high would this line have to be for me to take Brandon Weeden on the road against Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, et al?  I’m not sure, but Snoop Dogg would probably have to be involved.  I can’t think of any way the Ravens don’t cover, short of Bane showing up and giving M&T Stadium the Gotham treatment.  If the Ravens are the Super Bowl contender they claim to be then this one isn’t even close.  Normally I’d be afraid of a potential back door cover, but again, Brandon Weeden.  Let us once again thank Roger Goodell for weekly Thursday football, and let’s make some money together.

Ravens 31, Browns 13

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