No Yankees? No Cardinals? Meh… | The Wanderer Sports

The Yankees aren’t in the World Series. Neither are the Cardinals. Same with the Rangers. Instead, we have San Francisco and Detroit. BLAH. These are two teams that mid-way through the season were NOT expected to be here. (But then again, this is baseball. Would you have expected Baltimore and Oakland to qualify for the playoffs? Didn’t think so.)

This article’s title says it all: this World Series should be interesting, but not as exciting as a Texas Rangers-St. Louis Cardinals match-up from last year. Still, here’s a quick 5-point list of what would make for an excellent World Series viewing experience:

1. Tim Lincecum comes back from a dreadful season to win a post-season game, coming out of the pen twice in the first three games in order to keep Detroit at bay. In game six, he starts on the hill and tosses seven scoreless innings.

2. Barry Zito begins game one for the Giants and throws another shutout game to put his team up, 1-0. $100+ million contract, justified.

3. Jose Valverde blows a HOLD, Miguel Cabrera flips shit and then explodes in the dugout, intestines and PED-laced blood going everywhere.

4. In an ironic twist, Buster Posey barrels into the Detroit catcher on a throw to home in game three, knocking the ball out of his glove en route to scoring the game-winning run.

5. Every Detroit pitcher, from Verlander to Fister, forgets how to throw a ball and finishes the World Series with a collective ERA of 6.66.

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