Not Even 24 Hours Have Passed and Californians are Already Talking Trash About Canada | The Wanderer Dodgeball

Yesterday, UC-Irvine broke the world record for the biggest dodgeball game, with 6084 students. Less than 24 hours have passed, and students are already talking trash to Canadians (but more specifically, UAlberta students).

Do Canadians simply “suck it,” according to Ian and Zach, or do they go for the record?



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  • Quite a lame record to begin with, in my opinion

    • Longbow


  • Jesper

    We have lower unemployment, have a better education system, public health care, a lower infant mortality rate, lower debt per capita and we also live on average 2.5 years longer. But, I guess that all must seem trivial when you hold the record for the worlds largest dodgeball game.

    • Brit

      Well said!

    • Vic

      Ahaha! Well done.