Ode to Autumn | By Anna Peacocke

I told myself to take the day,
To seize it, if you will.
To abandon the confines of history books
To leave the space of routine living,
To enter that of the fallen
Yet still so animated leaves
Curled and crunchy
Brown and yellow.
Some of the lucky ones are still green
But are they so fortunate?
To be hanging helpless, still full of potential
Only to be thwarted shortly
By the cold
clutches of the impending winter?
The leaves carpeting the river valley floor
Still dance
When encouraged by a breeze.
Mountain Ash, Poplar and Birch grace urban warriors
With a symphony of the season
Enticing spontaneous explorers to take some time
And have a listen.
The overture is a short one
And before too long, our leisurely basking is
By necessary bundling.
The trees transition to an all too familiar
Holiday tune
Replacing the crisp blanket of leaves with a quilt of shimmering snow…
And we are left begging for an autumnal


Illustration courtesy of Wanderer Online Design Editor Janelle Holod.

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