One for One Companies: Giving Back in a New Way | By Birkley Doll

The days of bringing a UNCIEF cardboard box around on Halloween for charity are now over. The new era of charity now gives you back more than a tax break; it gives you purchases like shoes, makeup, flashlights, watches and of course a warm feeling in your heart.

Many people interact with companies that give back to the community when consumers purchase from them. It is the generation of socially-friendly in the community of commerce. These companies have the heart to find a need within a community and have the power to give back to those that purchase their product.

CC photograph courtesy of “tjstaab” on Flickr

These one for one companies promote their product in a new way. Most provide the product to the community by giving what they know best. The shoe company, TOMs, for example, donates shoes to someone in need when a customer buys their product. This does not require them to invent a whole new line of production; they just give the best they already have. Something as simple as shoes for all is what gets them recognized.

Taking a different dial on things, WeWood is another company that loves to give back to those that they take from. These edgy watches give back in the exact form by planting a tree for every watch sold. What caught my eye was the raw exterior to these watches; I felt the company reflected that by putting back more than they took.

CC photograph courtesy of “bramhilgersom” on Flickr

The real growth in these companies is coming from transaction-based giving. The “one for one” business model is giving consumers more satisfaction for their buck. BoGoLight takes this model one step to heaven by providing clean, safe and renewable light sources all over the world, to families that would most-likely rely on candles or kerosene.  Yet, BoGoLight gives the consumer even more power by letting them choose where their donations will go. This requires the customer to stay connected with the company longer, while deciding where their donation goes.

CC photograph courtesy of “sarahjmurray” on Flickr

This product is one of my favourites on the market: The One World Futbol is an all terrain soccer ball that will never go flat. It provides a ball to survivors in a refugee camp, war zone or poverty-stricken community. I am always in favour of providing physical activity to youth in any way possible, but the technology behind this ball gets the savvy customers talking. Best of both worlds.

My last classy company is FIGS: “innovative ties and bow ties for the modern man.” FIGS works on a one for one business model with a twist – “threads for threads.” This company provides education through dress. By buying a tie, children that are required to have a uniform will be able to acquire an education while you look mighty fine wearing your bow tie. If that doesn’t give you more hop in your step, I’m not sure what will.

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