One of Canada’s Best Emerging Soccer Players Also Produces Hilarious Memes | The Wanderer Sports

On the pitch, Marcus Johnstone is one of Canada’s top university soccer players, providing opposing defenders and goalkeepers with a headache each time he steps onto the pitch. For instance, last game, Johnstone was dragged down in the box (whether this was a dive is questionable!), leading to a converted penalty shot to put the Bears ahead 1-0. The Johnstone vs. opposing keeper antics are constantly amusing, to say the least.

Off the field, Johnstone is apparently just as attention-grabbing. And he does this through memes. Soccer memes. All based on Bears soccer. No, not actual bears playing soccer… Golden Bears varsity athletes!

The memes feature a bunch of inside jokes, but you can still get a sense of the team dynamics and some things that are hilarious regardless of your like or dislike of the sport.

Moreover, to understand the depths of the meme-creation, know that Johnstone was banned from Twitter for 24 hours due to the incessant posting. Kanye West is known to post paragraphs and paragraphs of tweets, but that only lasts for a few minutes. Johnstone’s antics, however, last hours.

Here are several examples of the meme production:

To see Johnstone and the rest of the Bears in action, head to Foote Field (right on South Campus) on Saturday at 2 pm.


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