One Word Describes MLB Playoffs: Irony | By Emerson Csorba

Before the MLB post-season even arrived, the Rangers lost their division lead to Oakland, the Red Sox sucked (it’s a beautiful sight to behold, but despite my Yankees affiliation, you still have to acknowledge that the Bo Sox are a solid team most of the time) Chicago blew their AL Central lead and Baltimore – BALTIMORE! – made the playoffs. You can’t really predict baseball, no matter how hard you try. And 2012 is no exception.

The Shakespeare-esque irony continued into the post-season, with Cincinnati blowing a series lead, Washington losing a late-innings series finale to St. Louis and the Yankees dismantling a red-hot Orioles side on strong pitching and weak hitting(for New York, it’s usually the reverse that wins games). In the next round, San Fran once again came back, coming from 3-1 down versus the Cardinals to somehow make the World Series. And then the New York Yankees, the beasts of playoff baseball, were swept away in the ALCS while A-Rod tried to pick up women from the stands. In the World Series, the come-from-behind Giants never trailed in any game, downing Detroit 4 games to 0. Barry Zito and Tim Lincecum, not exactly standout pitchers in 2012, returned to their former Cy Young selves. Justin Verlander got hit up in game one, and Pablo Sandoval put on an absolute show.

So 2012 is over. My pre-season prediction of Texas over St. Louis in the World Series never came to fruition (though it did seem feasible for much of the season!). Now we count down to April 2013, when pitchers and catchers report, and Spring Training begins in fine form.   These last two years of Major League Baseball have been excellent, and with increasing parity in the league, 2013 will likely bring more of the same.

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