Pamela Wight: Executive Director, Edmonton and Area Land Trust

Pamela Wight has socioeconomic and biophysical degrees, as well as a background in conservation, planning, and business development. She worked with private sector, government, universities, and non-profits. Based in Edmonton much of her life, she established her successful consulting company, working locally, nationally, and internationally for UN organisations and others, with considerable focus on all aspects of sustainability: business, communities and the environment.  Pam was Edmonton’s appointee on the Environment Council of Alberta, and became involved in implementing sustainability through supporting environment, society and economy. Pam has many publications about ecotourism and tools for sustainability planning, and has been involved in voluntary work all her life, securing grants and business planning.

As inaugural Executive Director of the Edmonton and Area Land Trust (EALT), Pam built a professional organisation with two staff, despite scarce resources. Her outreach to Edmonton businesses has slowly built support via donations and partnerships. Partnerships with developers, a Green Realtor, and tree-planting business, have yielded well.

A corn-raising sale with Riverbend Gardens raised funds (principally for Hope Mission).  EALT, the Edmonton Region’s nature conservancy, is a non-profit corporation created to conserve natural areas by 6 founders: the City, Urban Development Institute, Edmonton Community Foundation, and 3 environmental organisations. In 5 years, Pam fund- and grant-raised, securing 5 properties (~ 1,000 acres) – no mean feat in this fast-growing region, with another land securement underway and a Conservation Easement in the City.  In 2013, EALT received an Emerald Award for environmental excellence, and was honoured in a Council Protocol.



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