Pandas and Bears Top 10 Or So Rankings: Monday October 9

Each week, The Wanderer Online takes a page out of’s book, providing readers with its crystal clear and heavily-deliberated Top 10 Or So Rankings. Last week, the Bears football team dropped from #120 to #-10. Where do they end up now? 

1. Pandas soccer: Tied UBC and broke Trinity Western’s undefeated streak, not to mention the spirit of some girl with a double-chin. Goalie Kelti Biggs was flawless in net and made some HUGE saves for not one, but two shutouts.

2. Pandas hockey: Beat Manitoba. Twice. On the road.

3. Bears soccer: Played two highly-entertaining games against Saskatchewan. Of note are a) back-and-forth shots/jabs between Bears striker Marcus Johnstone and Saskatchewan keeper; Bears air-tight defense; the weather actually improved and the last half of game two was immaculate.

4. Bears and Pandas cross country: Earned a third-place finish in Saskatchewan’s Open 6 k event… 20+ minutes of speed, hills and pain.

5. Pandas golf: WON the Prairies golf tournament. Successfully avoided a US Ryder Cup meltdown.

6. [VACANT]… Though The Pint deserves a mention, for when Hudson’s is at full capacity.

7. Bears and Pandas volleyball: Didn’t play, but you can bet your (rental) house and student loan that they’ll be moving up once the season begins.

8. [VACANT]: Meh…

9. Pandas field hockey: Would have two or three wins for sure by now, if it wasn’t for Athletic Director Chavez (these comparisons have to be relevant to world politics! King Jong-Il in week one, Putin in week two, Hugo Chavez now… and who knows next week.)

10. Bears footb- just kidding! See below.

11. Into the Wild soundtrack for walks to and from Foote Field. Thank you, Eddie Vedder.

-9. Bears football: DIDN’T LOSE this week, because they had the WEEK OFF. Therefore, they climb from -10 to -9 overall.

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