Pandas and Bears Top 10 Or So Rankings (September 24) | The Wanderer Sports

The time has come for our first edition of Pandas and Bears Top 10 Or So Rankings, inspired by Every Monday, we rank the U of A’s varsity sports teams against each other, based on several finely-tuned criteria. 

1. Bears soccer: 5-0 record, and the team successfully avoided the Winnipeg drug neighbourhoods. Still, they only averaged 4 goals per game over the weekend (could have been 5).

2. Team Japan! Flew all the way down to Edmonton to play Pandas hockey.

3. Pandas soccer WordPress blog: better than 98% of the Edmonton Journal sports coverage.

4. [Vacant]

5. (tie) Bears hockey: only beat Saskatchewan in a shootout. Too close.

5. (tie) Pandas soccer: didn’t play on Saturday, but it’s not their fault. Came back with a shot/3 minutes vs. Mount Royal. Also made a highly-impressive headshot.

7. Curtis Dell: 2 tds and built a solid lead by half.

8. Pandas volleyball: got back from Japan and stomped Saskatchewan + Manitoba, before dropping a match to Winnpeg. 痛み

9. Pandas hockey: 9 goals versus Grant Mac = 9th spot.

10. Bears volleyball: lost to Trinity Western (not even a real school), 3-2.

11. Pandas field hockey: if it weren’t for absolute monarch Kim-Jong Reade, they’d have at least one win by now.

12 Canada West scheduling: a baby monkey on heroine could do better.

120. Bears football: 0-4, baby.

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