Pandas Dominate Calgary, but Propaganda Machine Indicates Otherwise | The Wanderer Sports

Though Calgary Sports Propaganda would make you think that the Battle of Alberta was a close one, the Pandas-Dinos soccer match on September 15 was a one-sided affair. The 0-0 score is a mere side-note, of course. The Pandas managed 20 shots on net (compared to 10 for the home team), and forced eleven saves from the Calgary net-minder.

Prior to the game, rumours circulated about Stephen Harper returning to Calgary for the opening match, but the teams really only played in front of 87 fans, most of which were players’ parents and siblings. Contrary to the pre-game predictions, the Dinos DID NOT suit up eleven Barneys. It turns out that doing so would have required Triple XL jerseys; the largest Dinos kit available was a mere L. Barney stayed on the sidelines, however, and sang songs to the Calgary players as they witnessed the match unfold.

Following the game, players pondered whether another trip to the Rockies was worth the extra cost and time. After all, Alberta Conservative senator-in-waiting, Doug Black, wracked up an impressive $28,000 in travel fees between February 2011 and August 2012. With this precedent set, conversations swirled about a four-day trip to the Dominican Republic. In the end, players’ common sense told them that such an expensive trip was out of question, and really shouldn’t be considered by a person in a leadership role. Good call.

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