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At 5 pm mountain time on Saturday September 8, the Pandas soccer team stand on a British Columbia soccer field, nestled within the stunning Rocking Mountains. As their match against the Fraser Valley Cascades commences, the Bears are in a team bus, somewhere around Red Deer, riding the endorphin high of a record-breaking win against Mount Royal. The Bears scored 7 goals in their rout of Mount Royal.

Eighteen minutes into the tilt against Fraser Valley, the Pandas are actually on pace to outscore their Brother Bears. In the tenth minute, Carleigh Miller tallies goal number one on the season; eight minutes later, Amanda Black adds number two. If you recall our interview with statistics professors prior to this weekend’s games, then you are probably thinking, “Wow, could they be right, after all?”

Though the Pandas were primed for a 10-0 win, the final score would be 2-1. Close, but not quite 10-0. Kelti Biggs made some major stops down the stretch run, and the Pandas got to do what 99.99% of University of Alberta students didn’t do this weekend: end the opening week of school IN THE MOUNTAINS. A small benefit when you represent 39,000+ students.

* * * * *

So the Pandas won. They’re now 1-0-1 and boast four points. However, one of the game’s major storylines was the FRASER VALLEY PR PERSON. Seriously, check out these tweets (below). Whoever has the team’s log-in info is extremely kind and encouraging, sort of like one of those constantly-positive parents on the sideline of an under-six soccer game. The one that brings orange slices for half-time, and if the players are lucky, watermelon and fudgesicles.

Take a look:

1. When the Fraser Valley keeper makes a big save, she earns the hashtag #rockstar:

2. Fraser Valley player misses a one-on-one with the goalie? More encouragement.

3. Following the game, it’s nothing but love:

The UFV twitter page is a breath of fresh mountain air, putting the match between student-athletes in perspective. It’s just a game, played between two sides of (highly-competitive) student-athletes working toward a university degree.

What are your thoughts about the UFC twitter person? Share them below! 

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