Pandas to Play Eleven Barneys This Weekend | The Wanderer Sports

This weekend, the Pandas soccer team is on the road AGAIN. The Canada West Conference isn’t showing any schedule love; last week the team ventured all the way down to BC, playing at Victoria and then in the Fraser Valley mountains, alongside one of the nicest sports PR people you’ll ever read about on Twitter.

On Saturday September 15, the team is in Calgary to play the Dinos, which have an impressive two goals for and eleven against following their first two matches. Something obviously didn’t go as planned in Calgary’s opening weekend. With Calgary’s 65-6 football win over the Golden Bears, though, that ying-yang balance between sports programs is probably necessary. Too much success is never a good thing. The Mayans from the 1400s believed in achieving harmony in one’s life, through a focus on both poetry and war. Calgary has evidently learned from its Latin American Studies profs: they brought out the big guns in football, and then released eleven purple Barneys  during their two first games.

In the Pandas’ first two games, they tied Victoria 1-1 and then topped Fraser Valley 2-1. Victoria is one of Canada’s best teams and Fraser Valley is evidently a good side, as well. Calgary has two losses on the campaign, and they’re looking to add number three to the mix, come Saturday. We’re predicting a safe four-goal difference in the game. Pandas goalie Kelti Biggs gets the night ‘off’ in net, because the Dinos might not make it too far into Pandas territory. There is a slight possibility that the score will wind up 65-6, so it’s true that Biggs might need to make some saves. But the Dinos might just break out into song whenever they venture into Pandas territory (see video below).

Once the Pandas and Dinos part ways, Biggs and co travel down to Lethbridge to play the Pronghorns. For the preview of that game, read this article. This is all you need to know.

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