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Over the next two weeks, The Wanderer Online will interview some of Edmonton’s most energetic party-goers, asking them what makes for an enjoyable night out on the town. In our first edition, we interview Golden Bears soccer player Andrew Hood, whose Sunday Funday escapades are well-known in his social circle. Hood, a midfielder for the Bears, spent the past varsity season recovering from a knee injury, but looks to be among the team’s top scorers when the squad vies for a national title in 2013. Here is what Hood had to say in his Wanderer interview. 

1. Before you hit the town for a night of shenanigans, what do you do to prepare?

Well the quality of the night always depends on the pre-drink. But personally I start stoking up before the pre-drink even begins. Can’t go wrong with a shower brew and some music to set the tone for the evening.

2. It’s fall and it’s starting to get chilly on Whyte. What do you wear to blend style with class?

This is always the dilemma: do you bring a jacket, pay for coat check, and gamble possibly losing it? Or do you bite the bullet and tough it out in the cold? Usually after some drinks I don’t care and tough it without a jacket, but always regret it in the morning. To get the best of both worlds I usually go with a heavier cardigan that will keep me somewhat warm in line but not hot enough that I have to take it off inside. Or you could go with the number one goalie in the CIS, Jay Vetsch’s approach… taking it all off. Always guaranteed to make for a rowdy evening.

3. What are three mistakes that guys make when they head out to the bar/club for drinks?

1) As my boy Igi has taught me don’t drink too much before getting to the club. Usually, finishing a 2.6 will put an early end to your night.

2) Don’t go to the club with the goal to hook up with someone. You end up trying too hard and usually make a fool of yourself… it’s not a good look. Focus on having a good time with your boys, get the pints flowing, girls like a guy who can have a good time.

3) Always go to the bathroom before you head to the bar. Nothing worse than waiting in line needing to go and ending up with a $500 public urination ticket. Trust me on this one…

4. Do you have any go-to drinks to start out the night on Whyte?

A 100% go big or go home, give me tequila!!! The best bang for your buck and will always lead to a rowdy night.

5. With four years of university behind you, what would you tell your first-year self about partying?

Well I’m surprised I survived my first year to be honest. But I’d probably tell him to savor the nights out. You’re only young once, and to probably limit it to two times a week.

Photography courtesy of Skye Oleson-Cormack.

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