PERCS Completes Mythical Rookie Camp, Moves on to Oil Kings | Physical Education and Recreation Council of Students News

Every week, The Wanderer Online provides students with updates from campus’ many faculty associations, the organizations that represent students within particular faculties. This week, Phys. Ed. debuts on The Wanderer. 

On September 14-16th the Physical Education and Recreation Council of Students (PERCS) hosted its annual “Rookie Camp” for all students new to the Faculty of Phys. Ed. and Rec.  First question – what is PERCS? Well, they’re the Faculty Association for PER. Basically, they’re a group of students who work within the PER to try and build the sense of community by acting as facilitators between the students and the faculty. And one of the main ways they do this is through the weekend known as Rookie Camp that happens annually at the beginning of the school year.

What is Rookie Camp? It is a weekend meant to be a jumping off point for the sense of community Phys. Ed. and Rec. is known for  – one of the perks of being a small faculty. The weekend is composed of sports and team building activities that often take PER students to the edges of their comfort zones and allow them to bond with their fellow students. The results of the weekend are most apparent in the days immediately after Rookie Camp when it becomes clear to the participants that they actually know people around campus or in their classes, if not by name, at least as familiar faces from a weekend of shared experiences and memories. From here the sense of community within the faculty grows – through the friendships that build in the wake of Rookie Camp.

Rookie Camp is only the beginning though. Throughout the course of the year, PERCS will be working to provide more opportunities for fun and getting to know other students. Stay tuned! (Right now we are selling tickets for the Oil Kings game on October 4th and the after party at Whisky Rock – we’d love for as many people as possible to come join us, both within PER and outside the faculty!) For those interested in attending, contact us at

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