Periodic Chemistry | By Daniel Neuman

My love, we have some special kind of chemistry, just listen,

I may be a Bohr,

But I kneel softly to your atomic structures.

I can be periodically noble,

And I don’t know what Lead me to you,

But that first kiss, like how they do in Francium with the Toungue-sten,

I wasn’t into role-play but I let you play Copper,

While we listened to Lithium,

And I’m dazed ’cause I found god-particles when our hydrogen collided,

We transitioned metal carpets rolled out to Mercury.


You are my nucleus,

If I were Superman you’d be Krypton,

Except…not destroyed by an unstable radioactive core…

You are an angel because when we are grouped, I see your Halo-gen,

Like dust, we are gases Nobel,

My Nobel Prize,

Our chemical properties,

No, you are not my prize nor property,

But I try with every element on this table, and still cannot describe you properly,

All I know is that when our electrons collide you make my knees Caesium,

A Tin man who finally found a heart, there is no place like home…

There is no place like Holmium,

But I want to make a run with you for Europium, Neptunium, Plutonium…

Our love crossing orbits out to forgotten planets, never to be alone again.

I rest my neon the ground before you, no Zirconium rings, but a carbon skeleton in front of you, a diamond,

Will you form with me this bond?


She says, “No, sorry, we don’t have the right chemistry.”


The view from my eyes once scenic, now Arsenic,

Like Romeo’s poison, healing, deadly….

I just don’t have the free energy,

My disordered state, emotional entropy….

My love song broadcasted by radio-

Active in creating spinning pros and tons,

Broken bonds,

I effectively become neutral,

Needing to ease all this electro-negativity.

I hang out with my Bro-mine Barium,

Who told me, “Love isn’t science Einsteinium, it cannot be grouped and combined in whatever way you so choose… There is a natural order of it all, and so in this case Dmitri, you were Mendeleev it alone”


“So forget about selenium, or molybdenum or whatever her name was,

If I had a nickel for every bond broken…

Look it’s all relativity friend,

You need time to Heal-ium, breathe some oxygen, love will be there another time for you.”


Poetry by Daniel Neuman, 4th year Nutrition Major. Daniel received first prize for Outstanding Communications – Other Presentation Type at the Undergraduate Research Initiative‘s 2016 Festival of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities.

Banner design courtesy of Wanderer Online Design Editor Antony Ta.

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