Perspectives on Energy Issues: What’s in Store for Alberta’s Next Decade in Energy? | The Wanderer Online

Every month, The Wanderer Online asks Edmontonians a new question, focusing on major issues affecting both the city and the Province of Alberta. As Edmonton’s only daily online magazine, The Wanderer believes that the city deserves an independent news source highlighting the perspectives on critical issues from a variety of sources. Whether it is undergraduate students, professors, members of government or any other Edmontonian, The Wanderer values engaging discussions amongst the city’s many community members.

From November 23-27, we’re asking Edmontonians to respond to the following question: “What are the major energy issues facing Albertans today? How should the city of Edmonton and the province respond to the various needs and challenges??” We invite all Edmontonians to provide their thoughts, in the form of 500-2000 word pieces written in whatever style with which you are comfortable. Entries should be sent to by November 22, and will be posted throughout the week of November 23-27.

We look forward to your contributions, and encourage you to send us an e-mail if you have any questions.

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