Picking the MLB’s Most Valuable Players (Part 1) | By Josh Connauton

Over the next three days, The Wanderer Online’s writers present their picks for MLB regular season awards. The picks begin with The Wanderer Online’s most recent acquisition, Josh Connauton.

Wednesday night wrapped up a memorable 2012 MLB regular season.  Every season, there are players that go above and beyond by stepping above everyone else, proving themselves to be the best of the best.  This year in Major League Baseball was no different. Here are my picks for the American and National League Most Valuable Players for the 2012 Regular Season:

American League: Miguel Cabrera/Third Baseman/Detroit Tigers

Cabrera’s bid for the AL MVP was solidified on Wednesday night with his winning of the “Triple Crown”.  For those of you who are not familiar with baseball terminology, the Triple Crown is when a batter leads his respective league in Home Runs (HR), Runs Batted In (RBIs), and Batting Percentage (on a scale of 1.000%).  To put this into perspective, Cabrera’s successful bid for the Triple Crown was the first time it has been won since 1967.  Cabrera has joined big company within the “Triple Crown Club” such as Hall of Fame legends Lou Gehrig and Ted Williams. With 44 HRs, 139 RBIs and a .330 batting %, Cabrera led all of the MLB in RBIs and HRs and finished second in batting percentage by .006%. He truly had a remarkable season.  Not only did he accomplish this amazing feat, he also did this in the “hitter-friendly” American League, in which superstars such as Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton and Robinson Cano continuously dominate.  In addition, Cabrera was instrumental in the Tigers’ mid-season turnaround that saw them win the AL Central Division, especially when All Stars Prince Fielder and Justin Verlander were struggling immensely.  The MVP should be awarded to someone who had an exceptional year individually and was and integral part to the success of his team. When you combine both winning the Triple Crown and his lasting consistency when others have struggled, there is no question that Cabrera should win the AL MVP.

National League: Buster Posey/Catcher/San Francisco Giants 

0.336 batting %, 24 HRs and 102 RBIs… Sounds like an All Star second baseman right?  Wrong.  These are coming from the best catcher in the Majors, San Fran’s Buster Posey.  Taking away his great individual achievements this season, to truly measure his impact you have to evaluate his past 3 seasons with the Giants.  In 2010, he burst on to the scene and played a key role in the Giants winning their first World Series since 1956.  In 2011, he succumbed to a season ending broken leg suffered early in the season and with him out of the line up, the Giants played dismally and missed the post season.  He comes back this year, healthy after his year off, and has a career year that helps the Giants win the NL West division title and come into the playoffs as one of the hottest teams in the Majors.  The Giants simply play better when Posey is in the line up.  He simply is that game changer who we have not seen at the position of catcher for many years.  Combined with his individual stats (which are astronomical for a catcher) and his clear impact on the Giants, he must be mentioned at least as a candidate, and in my mind, the National League MVP for 2012.

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