Planet Recently-Discovered May be Host to Alien Life | The Wanderer Science

Every week, The Wanderer Science provides you with interesting developments from across the world of science. This week, we look at the possibility of life on other planets. 

Yet another alien planet has been discovered fifty light years (1) from Earth that could be a potential host to  life outside of Earth, currently named Gliese 163c. The planet, which now ranks in at 5th for life tenancy ability on the Planetary Habitability Laboratory (PHL)’s list of alien planets, is suggested to have oceans with a temperature around 60 degrees Celsius, and a pink clouded sky, should the planet turn out to be rocky. While the exoplanet’s (2) atmosphere – estimated to be roughly ten times that of our Earth’s – is not ideal for human life, it may play host to plenty of microscopic life.

(1): Light year (ly): The distance travelled by light in a year, equal to 9.46×10^12 km.

(2): Exoplanet: This is short for “extrasolar planet,” a planet which is situated outside of our Solar System.

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