Planning for the Body of Your Dreams | By Michael Dietrich

“But shouldn’t I switch it up and keep my body guessing?”

Variety for variety’s sake is pointless. All training must be planned. Success must be planned for, and all the variety in the world is no substitute for correct planning.

Train smart, train with purpose!

I see people “working out” all the time but with no direction or purpose; they think maybe they should “work out” their shoulders or maybe it should be arm day. But wait, oh there’s Jon: “Hey Jon, what are you working out today? Chest? Oh nice, mind if I work in with you?” (It’s probably Monday in this case…)

This individual may have seen decent gains, is fairly fit and maybe even admired by a handful of people. However this person is NOWHERE NEAR where he/she could or should be. The initial gains may have been nice and the person may have built a half-decent physique, but I am willing to bet he/she has been at a standstill for months if not years with very little to no progress. No specific routine has been followed, no goals are in mind and definitely no periodization has been followed in their non-existent program.

Now since you have spent a couple minutes reading this do me a favour and ask yourself this:

– Have you seen noticeable gains in the last six months?

– Are you absolutely sure you look different than you did last year?

– Are you consistently getting stronger at LEAST month to month?

– Do you know what your next workout is going to consist of?

– Do you know how many sets you did last week on your legs?

– Did you work your legs last week?

If you answered no to any of these questions it is SERIOUSLY time to consider getting a professionally-made program.

What time do you wake up ever morning for work/school? Ok, so you’ve probably been doing waking up at the same hour for quite some time and your body is mostly used to it. Now what if I told you, you have to start waking up two hours earlier then your regular schedule? You’d probably hate me and so would your body. The reason it is much easier for you at your regular time is because it has been repetitive, and your body has become used to this. Well your muscles work the same way. If you are constantly doing the exact same workouts for months and months, or even years, your body has adapted to those work outs. It has built the muscles it needs to be able to do what you want it to do, and now it doesn’t need to go any further. In other words, you’re stuck seeing no gains. You aren’t getting stronger, and you’re not getting bigger; you’re just staying the same.

Say you work out four times a week for an hour. That’s 4 hours a week x 52 weeks = 208 wasted hours of you busting your ass trying to improve with no success.

You have the power to change that right now, tweet me @DietrichM or e-mail me at and I’ll help you get on track to where you want to be.

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