Tuition Stressing You Out? Plastiq Marks the Return of Credit Card Tuition Payments to the University of Alberta | By Emerson Csorba

In a not-too-distance past, the University of Alberta allowed students to pay tuition using their credit card. However, that was put to an end for several years. Over this time period, tuition continues to climb, and that doesn’t even include mandatory non-instructional fees (one of which is the widely-hated CoSSS Fee).

If you’ve attended some classes this year, then chances are you’ve seen some posters for Plastiq in buildings like Humanities, ETLC and the many lecture halls. Plastiq is the ‘only Mastercard-approved vendor for tuition payments.’ Moreover, it’s coming to the University of Alberta, which gives students the opportunity to use credit to pay off tuition. Here’s a quick description of Plastiq:

This fall, University of Alberta students will be able to pay their tuition using a credit card thanks to The only MasterCard approved vendor for tuition payments, Plastiq accepts all major credit cards and is pleased to offer the lowest rates for tuition payments in Canada! MasterCard cardholders paying tuition at the University of Alberta will receive an incredible promotional rate of 1.50% for payments of any size. Plastiq is thrilled to work with all card brands with rates varying up to 2.39%. If you were to pay an average semesters worth of tuition ($2,500) with Plastiq here is how the fees would look:

MasterCard: $2,500 x 1.5% = $37.50 VISA & AMEX: $2,500 x 2.39% = $59.75 

According to Plastiq, its service is rewarding, secure and convenient. For instance, “Students can use their credit cards to bridge the gap between the receipt of student loans or bursaries and payment deadlines.”

Credit card payment is a contentious subject for university students. Over the last years, tuition continues to climb throughout the world of higher education, to the point that tuition debt now exceeds credit card debt in the United States. With Plastiq on campus, students now have an entirely new option for tuition payment, and it’s one worth considering.

To learn more about Plastiq, check out their website here. Have any questions? Leave them in the comments box below!

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