Prospects’ Season Begins with a Dud | The Wanderer Sports

In 2012, the Edmonton Prospects baseball team, which brings together collegiate players from across North America for a season of summer baseball, won just six games. SIX GAMES. Six wins, and countless losses. As 2012 played out, the team’s entire pitching staff was decimated, the coaching issues made their way into the news, and the Prospects were swept into the Western Major Baseball League abyss.

So 2013 has to be much better, right? RIGHT?!

2013 is much the same, thus far.

Though the Prospects lost two extra-innings games, they are 0-3. As empathetic Edmontonians, let’s hope they’re having a Yankees-esque beginning to the year (start slow and build steam), and that their ‘success’ doesn’t follow that of the listless Toronto Jays in Ontario.

Regardless of the team’s outcomes, head down to Telus Field to watch them. A baseball game is one of the best things one can do on an Edmonton summer evening, even if the team is… 0-3.

June 7 update: the Prospects are now 0-5.

CC photograph courtesy of Chrstopher on Flickr. 

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