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The ISSS would like to welcome all 6000+ undergraduate science students back to the University of Alberta with our science student rap. Also, if you haven’t read our first article, take a look! There are many opportunities available within the ISSS and the greater science community; it’s just a matter of finding the one that’s right for you!

For the ISSS, the next two weeks are packed with deadlines, events, and our popular Used Book Sale! Let’s take a closer look at everything that will be happening.


If you’re a first year student looking for more specific science information not covered during Orientation, take a look at FROST! Held this upcoming Saturday, September 15th, FROST will consist of free food, lab tours, introductions to the various honours and specialization programs presented by science clubs, talks from the Pre-Medical Students’ Association (PMSA), and remarks from the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Affairs Dr. Loppnow! Afterward, free drink tickets for Hudson’s Tap House will be given to attendees over 18! Incoming students can sign up in our office, but spots are limited!

Used Book Sale

With over 400 books registered last year in our comprehensive online catalogue, the ISSS’s Used Book Sale is on now until September 21st! For those unfamiliar with the process, we’ll be taking and cataloguing books from students in the upcoming week (Sept. 10th to 14th), and selling books the week after (Sept. 17th to 21st). The seller names their own price, and if their book sells, the ISSS receives 15% commission. If the book doesn’t sell, it is returned to the seller. Held in the CCIS PCL Lounge, the Used Book Sale is open to students from all faculties. We have a huge variety of books, and everything can be found catalogued online at our website.

Get Involved with the ISSS!

In addition to our volunteer applications due September 17th, there are few other ways to get even more involved with the ISSS! Starting this Wednesday, September 12th, we’ll be opening up applications for Directors. Directors are each tasked with bringing a specific project to life, and take on a series of key roles within the organization. Open to students from any year, you can learn more about which positions are available on our website.

Also, as we mentioned last week, we are currently seeking nominations for First Year and Fourth+ Year Councillors in our September By-Elections! Councillors play a critical role in our operations by helping to direct the organization while keeping the Executives in check. With meetings every week, you’ll get to develop new skills, make decisions that really have an impact, and work alongside students equally as driven as you are.

All this and more can be found online at www.isss.ca. Be sure to check back here on The Wanderer Online for more science student updates.

Stay cool!



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  • Andrew

    CBAS had a rap before all y’all.

    • Anonymous

      I’m pretty sure that this is the ISSS’s response to CBAS’s rap. And very well done, too.

      I hope that CBAS has a response to this rap. Those muffins just don’t match up to what the ISSS seems to have to offer.