Refuting the “Power Lunch with Some of Edmonton’s Most Influential Men” | The Wanderer Culture

Zazulak Marketing and Communications is running itself into a PR nightmare over the last week with a panel event that allows attendees to chat with the “‘powerful people who help make this city tick.'” The panel, however, is comprised entirely of men, thus allowing those in attendance (i.e. women) to learn how to crack the old boys club and climb the corporate latter. HOW CUTE. “Here, women, come learn how to play the game from the best men in town. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about earning a higher pay cheque, but no guarantees!”

In an eloquently-crafted essay, Brittany Kustra, creator of the popular Brittany in Edmonton blog, highlights the Zazulak PR implosion. The ten-minute read is definitely worth your time.

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