Review: A Woman’s Journey as She “Fumbles Towards Ecstasy” | By Shrida Sahadevan


Alberta Ballet has brought their new and improved version of Fumbling Towards Ecstasy to Edmonton, set to the music of Canadian singer, Sarah McLachlan. The production follows a woman’s journey through life, from her experiences with love for the first time to embracing mature love.

Sarah McLachlan’s music was perfect for the production, as each of her songs depicted various stages in a woman’s life. The dance choreography was carefully crafted to the songs to create a flowing, beautiful story.

Artistic Director Jean Grande-Maitre’s compelling choreography was brought to life by the 30 dancers in the production. From when the first dancers appeared on stage to the end, I was completely captivated by the performers’ presence and dance. Each of the dancers were strong and passionate with their movements. The 30 dancers created a powerful presence on stage as they moved flawlessly as one tight cohesive group. The main dancers who depicted a woman’s journey from a young girl to a mature, older woman embraced the role beautifully as they shone on the stage. They expressed the happiness, the sorrow, the tragedy, the heartbreak and the heartwarming feelings that accompany love, as they embodied the role.

The simplicity of the costumes did not take away from the performance; rather it highlighted the realistic journey of love any woman could go on. The visual art, handcrafted by Sarah McLachlan herself, was mesmerizing as it laid a backdrop that added to the dancing.

This short-lived ballet production was absolutely magnificent, as it portrayed a relatable journey set to a famous Canadian singer.

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy performed at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium on February 20-21.

Photography courtesy of Alberta Ballet. 

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