Reviewing the Second Full Week | The Wanderer Online

The Wanderer Online‘s second full week was a steady one, with several interviews, a new column and a handful of science contributions hitting the publication. Highlighting the week is Sansitny Ruth’s interview with Edmonton artist Anna Gaby-Trotz, entitled I Took the Road Less Travelled. In this rich and engaging interview, Gaby-Trotz speaks to the importance of working and thinking in silence, which is a privilege shared by countless university students. The interview is illuminating, and can be read here.

In a second interview, Golden Bears soccer player Osmo Bimba is featured in Defining Bimbacious: From Style to the CIS with Osmo Bimba, where Emerson Csorba writes about the player’s soccer savvy and street style, not to mention the trials and tribulations of the CIS championship-caliber soccer team. As you read through the interview, you’ll even come across a YouTube video highlighting the Backstreet Bears, an entertaining group of student-athletes, to say the least.

One of the major news stories of the last month revolves around the “Higgs Boson,” a sub-atomic particle that thousands of scientists have looked for during the past several decades. In Higgs Boson and the Standard Model, writer Vedran Jelic guides readers to a better understanding of the discovery, an important feat considering the complexity of the subject. In Thinking Traps, Michael Ross makes his debut for The Wand, where he encourages readers to think critically about the information provided to them by peers, and through the media. The article also marks the first time in which infographics are used to highlight interesting points made in the writing! Two updates from the world of science round out the stories from the science section.

Finally, The Wanderer Online introduces its new sex advice columnist, Darren Tardif. Readers now have the chance to send their questions to Darren at, with responses coming on Thursdays.

Two additions to “I Wander” serve as the final online updates, with stories and videos pulled from places such as THNKR TV on YouTube, the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation and FastCompany.

Indeed, this has been another busy week at The Wand, but there is much more to come in the following week. As the team of writers, photographers and designers tinkers with its craft, readers will see a more interactive website and a spike in the fashion-related content, among other improvements. Moreover, readers will soon be able to meet the members of The Wanderer Online team, bringing a personal touch to the online experience.

Enjoy the week ahead!

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