Ross Ballantyne: health sciences research star

A budding researcher, intelligent individual, and a passionate global citizen, Ballantyne is a force to be reckoned with.

As one of four students in his cohort of the honours nursing program, Ballantyne has taken on a heavy research component as part of his undergraduate education. He has worked with world class nursing researchers in the field of pediatric cardiology and produced exceptional research for an undergraduate student. Going above and beyond program requirements, Ballantyne recently presented his research in California at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Research Convention.

In addition to being a leader in undergraduate nursing research, Ballantyne is also passionate about global health. Excelling in the role of Global Health Representative on the Nursing Undergraduate Association, he has worked with numerous local and national global health and nursing associations to make this topic accessible and relevant to nursing students. I had the chance to witness his true passion and aptitude for global nursing from a first-hand perspective when I travelled to Nepal with Ballantyne to volunteer in a rural health outpost. This was only one of his numerous global health excursions, having also practiced nursing in South America.

Having known Ross both professionally and as a friend, I am eager to see what path his future career will take, as he is destined for success.

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