Ryan Bromsgrove: Chief of The Gateway

When he first began his term as Editor-in-Chief of The Gateway, Ryan Bromsgrove was ready and eager to wield a distinct and compelling influence over the University of Alberta campus — and has so far exceeded even his own expectations. By tackling the hot-button issues arising from the Students’ Union and the university in his infamous editorials and opinion articles, Bromsgrove’s name is equally as acclaimed as it is vilified.

Throughout his role as Editor-in-Chief, Bromsgrove’s greatest challenge to date has been his fight to push a referendum question through Students’ Council, which would have asked students to vote on a new fee supporting The Gateway’s rapidly expanding online and multimedia ventures.

Though Bromsgrove ultimately lost this battle, his recognition of the pressing demands for innovation in the journalistic world — even at the campus level — and his passion for the future of The Gateway have both laid the foundation for his successor to finish the job next year, and left many a headache in the chambers of Students’ Council.

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