Saadiq Sumar: the authentic leader from Lister

A tireless worker, confident leader and authentic to the core, Saadiq Sumar spent 2012 doing the usual: impacting the University of Alberta campus in significant ways. A Listerite, former FC, LHSA and RHA exectuvie, Saadiq is now the VP Student Life of the Students’ Union, where he has accomplished many of the goals set out at the start of the year.

As one of the four representatives on the Students’ Council from the Faculty of Engineering, Saadiq displayed excellence in every meeting, exhibiting a level of preparedness and engagement that set the standard for his peers. During his spare time, he somehow managed to fit volunteerism with Pike fraternity, several engineering classes and Lister dodgeball into his schedule. And despite this constant juggling act, Saadiq rarely seemed tired. His 2012 year was simply impressive, much of which he spent serving over 30,000 undergraduates.

Saadiq is a well-known leader and is present at many of the university’s major student events, from all-star dodgeball in Lister to acting in the Campus Musical, MC-ing local fashion shows or commentating at Antifreeze. Never, however, does he think too much about himself. Instead, Saadiq is genuine, a person that puts time into his many relationships and is fully-present when he is with others.

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  • Cara

    Love that Saadiq is on that list, but he didn’t act in the Campus Musical. He produced it — he made it happen. Something to be noted on his impressive resume.