Sameer Dhar: helping hampers and GEOMEER

An innovator since his days of high school, Sameer was named one of Canada’s Top 20 under 20 young leaders for his role on co-founding a non-profit, GEOMEER. Since 2011, this non-profit society creates projects that help local families in dire need. One of the projects, Helping Hampers, creates holiday hampers with goods worth over $2000. These hampers are given to families around December and last them for a few months. They have helped families get back on their feet. Last year, GEOMEER delivered 105 hampers which was a total of $210,000 worth of goods. Since 2009, GEOMEER has raised over $460,000 in hampers throughout Alberta. The result of Sameer’s imagination, GEOMEER has significantly affected countless individuals across the province.

Sameer cares about building our local community by helping those in need, both local and afar. Even with his busy schedule, he always gives a helping hand to his classmates. He constantly encourages people around him to strive for the best and helps them achieve goals. Sameer has influenced many people around him through his charity and charismatic personality, and as such, is a member of the Top 100.

Photograph courtesy of Lazy Faire magazine. 

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